3 Key Strategies for Recruiting in the Construction Industry

3 Key Strategies for Recruiting in the Construction Industry

By Cammas Freeman

The construction industry is currently experiencing abundant growth; however, a major frustration among companies is an ongoing shortage of skilled labor. In fact, many sight this issue as the trade's top concern.

In the U.S., almost 95 percent of contractors report difficulty in finding qualified workers, according to the latest Commercial Construction Index (CCI). Without workers to fill open positions, costs are climbing and many firms are being forced to turn down jobs.

Despite these challenges, there are workers out there. The truth is, the companies that are experiencing success in attracting and hiring talent in the construction industry are those that understand the importance of modernizing their talent strategy.

If you’re interested in dropping the hammer on a new hiring approach, consider these three key strategies for recruiting in the construction industry:

#1: Focus on Attracting Millennials: A major factor impacting the industry’s labor shortage is an aging workforce. As trade workers retire and age out of these positions, there are not enough younger employees replacing them.

In general, millennials are not showing much interest in employment in the construction industry. So, the question is, how do you get them interested?

The key is tailoring your hiring strategy to attract and engage millennial candidates. Try to understand what motivates and influences their career decisions, and then communicate the value and benefits that matter most to them. Looking for examples? Check out this article filled with tips about how to hire millennials in construction.                                                                                                               

#2: Utilize Social Media for Recruiting: It’s no secret that many construction companies still prefer to do things old-school. And while that works great for many things, I’d argue that contractors no longer have the luxury of sitting on the social media sidelines.

If your company has never used social media to recruit employees, start with LinkedIn and Facebook. Both platforms offer dynamic tools and resources for talent sourcing. Need ideas? Try some of these tips.

#3: Create Community Partnerships: Another key to finding top talent is to network locally within your community. Establish partnerships with local high schools, trade schools and community colleges to bolster your recruitment efforts. Provide internships, training opportunities, job shadowing, mentorship and more. Partner with community organizations and associations that can boost your talent pipeline and generate leads to local candidates.

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Cammas Freeman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is a talent strategy leader and founder of Stackrock Talent.  She has over 15 years combined experience in recruiting, human resources, technology and marketing.  She helps companies — big or small — develop digital talent attraction strategies that target the right talent, more efficiently and cost effectively.