3 Tips for Attracting and Hiring Tech Talent

It’s no secret that the computer and information technology sector has experienced rapid employment growth lately. In fact, it’s expected to expand faster than all other jobs for the next several years. From web developers to computer network architects, there is an urgent demand to source and secure the very best tech talent.

What’s interesting is that this trend isn’t just occurring in Silicon Valley. In fact, The Wall Street Journal recently reported on Boise’s impressive tech employment growth. And in a tight job market, the competition for tech positions represents a real challenge to many hiring teams.

So, what is the key to finding talented candidates to fill these positions? I believe tailoring your marketing and recruiting strategy is critical to attracting and hiring top tech talent. Following are my tips for fine-tuning your IT recruitment efforts:

1) Engage with the tech community

It may come as a surprise to some, but Boise is home to an active tech community. Consider joining a local tech group or organization, sending a recruiter to meetups or workshops, or even sponsoring a local tech event.

2) Hire recruiters that specialize in tech

Technology recruiting requires a specialized understanding of both the industry and the knowledge and skillset of tech candidates. Because tech jobs are well-compensated and hyper-competitive, it pays to ensure your internal recruiters have the right tech knowledge and to work with a recruiter/firm that has the tools to fill those tough positions with the right people.

3) Brand your company as a tech employer of choice

Often when I bring up marketing during recruiting conversations, I get weird looks. The fact is, companies can no longer neglect their brand yet expect to attract top talent. The same goes for tech jobs. If you want to fill your IT positions with the best candidates, you must strengthen your employer brand in the tech space. (For more employer branding tips, check out my recent blog article here.)

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Cammas Freeman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is a talent strategy leader and founder of Stackrock Talent.  She has over 15 years combined experience in recruiting, human resources, technology and marketing.  She helps companies — big or small — develop digital talent attraction strategies that target the right talent, more efficiently and cost effectively.